Mother’s Day Menu HERE!

Coronavirus UPDATE:
Since I am a home baker and a licensed caterer to bake for public events, I prepare items in the K-State Food Innovations Building in the commercial kitchen. This statement is from K-State,
“As of March 15, all K-State campuses are closed. This means only essential personnel will be allowed on campus. Unfortunately, this means that the FIA is closed to on-site activities for at least three weeks.”
What this means is that for right now I can not host events or attend events since I cannot use the commercial kitchen. But if someone needs an item such as a pie, cobbler or bread pudding you can call me and we can discuss.
Please support your local bakeries or businesses.
Thank you for all your support and let’s check on neighbors and friends.
Be well and Bake On!

Payment is accepted upon delivery/pick-up. Call about our food sensitivity options.