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Wow! Just Wow! Ordered a tart key lime pie for my daughters birthday. picked up this morning and just ate it. It is the best key lime pie I have ever eaten. Vanilla wafer crust with fresh whipped cream, if you want it, to put on top. My first order, but certainly not my last. Try it!

Homemade pies

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Gary D, 7/23/19

These were the best pies!! cannot thank Jennifer enough for making my birthday so special! (posted on Facebook)

Tammi W, 6/24/19

I recently had the pleasure of tasting a pie from Betty’s Pies & Cobblers. Once I bit into the pie crust I was reminded of the times I would visit my grandma. She would always make me a chocolate cream pie and would take the extra pie crust and bake it; some plain and some with cinnamon & sugar. It was one of my favorite snacks. My grandma passed away many years ago and I had forgotten that wonderful memory. Thank you so much for reminding me of a very special time of my childhood.
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Amy P, 5/18/19

Omgoodness these pies are delicious & decadent! Everything I’ve tried has been 5 stars!

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Michelle S, 2/22/19

Jennifer is so inspiring! She definitely knows how to make wonderful pies. I cannot wait to try more of her delicious desserts.


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Robin C, 11/27/18